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Dear Harmony Parents,

As you know, we are going to build a soccer field for our students. We believe that our students will enjoy so much with our new soccer field during their recess time, PE time and other events. HSS is looking for parents who are in construction business. We are going to create a committee to evaluate the cost of the project and use the available fund wisely.  If you are working in construction industry, please join our team and support your school. We need your expertise. If you would like to join our soccer field advisory committee, please email to Mr. Zorba (

UPDATE: Dismissal Plan

Dear Parents,
As of October 6, 2014 HSS will be implementing an update to our dismissal plan. The gates on the north side of the school, the West Bellfort side, will be closed at 3pm. No entrance will be permitted after 3:00pm, and thru dismissal. Once the dismissal process starts at 3:15 the east gate will be opened for EXIT ONLY. The Sugar Land Police will be on site to assist with the adherence of the rules and policies in place. These officers are able to give citations for any violations. Please keep in mind all procedures on campus are in place for the safety of the staff, parents, and most of all the students. Thank you.

SOCCER FIELD for Harmony School of Science – Houston

Imagine…warm, sunny day with a light breeze passing by. There are children outside enjoying the freedom of being kids running about on a turf field. A field that children can run and play on without getting any bugs bites. Students will release all of the energy bouncing wildly inside of them during recess and/or gym class. Harmony School of Science is on a mission to make that idea into a reality. We want to build a fenced, turf soccer field for our students and we need your HELP to make this a dream come true.

In order to reach our goal, we need the parents support to raise money for the soccer field. The estimated cost will be about $40,000 and we propose to raise the money through our chocolate fundraiser! This year, you do not have to buy the box of chocolate in advance. You will sell the chocolate, and then turn in the money. Unlike last year, we cannot sell the chocolate during school hours due to new health regulations. In other words, we are very mindful of our students overall health by promoting a soccer field and preventing excess eating of chocolate during school hours. Parents, we need your support to reach our goal. Let’s sell, sell, and sell!

We also need your support for the ground work and for the fencing. If you know anybody for construction for ground work and fencing, please let us know. You can also make tax deductible donations for our soccer field project. If you have any question, please email to Mr. Zorba (


We already knew our kids were "STAARS" and we've raised the bar here in Sugar Land.

Under the state accountability system, our campus achieved the rating of Met Standard and were also able to earn distinction designations in the following four areas:

-- Academic Achievement in Science

-- Academic Achievement in Reading/English language arts

-- Top 25 Percent Closing Performance Gaps

-- Postsecondary Readiness

Be proud of yourselves, Wildcats, because we are proud of you! Check out our official campus report after the link! read more . . .



 November 5, Wednesday
3A Parent Breakfast
@ 8:00am
 November 12, Wednesday
3B Parent Breakfast
@ 8:00am
 November 19, Wednesday
3C Parent Breakfast
@ 8:00am
 November 24, Monday
Thankgiving (no classes)
 November 25, Tuesday
Thankgiving (no classes)

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